wp_get_theme( string $stylesheet = null, string $theme_root = null )

Gets a WP_Theme object for a theme.



(string) (Optional) Directory name for the theme. Optional. Defaults to current theme.

Default value: null


(string) (Optional) Absolute path of the theme root to look in. Optional. If not specified, get_raw_theme_root() is used to calculate the theme root for the $stylesheet provided (or current theme).

Default value: null


(WP_Theme) Theme object. Be sure to check the object's exists() method if you need to confirm the theme's existence.


File: wp-includes/theme.php

function wp_get_theme( $stylesheet = null, $theme_root = null ) {
	global $wp_theme_directories;

	if ( empty( $stylesheet ) )
		$stylesheet = get_stylesheet();

	if ( empty( $theme_root ) ) {
		$theme_root = get_raw_theme_root( $stylesheet );
		if ( false === $theme_root )
			$theme_root = WP_CONTENT_DIR . '/themes';
		elseif ( ! in_array( $theme_root, (array) $wp_theme_directories ) )
			$theme_root = WP_CONTENT_DIR . $theme_root;

	return new WP_Theme( $stylesheet, $theme_root );


Version Description
WP-3.4.0 Introduced.