Dashboard Screen

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From the Dashboard Screen, you can quickly access your site’s content and get glimpses into other areas of the ClassicPress community.
The dashboard presents information in blocks called widgets. By default, ClassicPress delivers five widgets on this page: At a Glance, Activity, QuickDraft, ClassicPress News, ClassicPress Petitions, and Welcome.
The following dashboard widgets are included by default with ClassicPress:

At a GlanceLink to this section

The At a Glance widget provides a summary of the number of posts, pages, and comments on your ClassicPress site. Each of these content types are displayed in the form of a link and, when clicked upon, direct you to the specific area to manage that content.
A statement at the bottom of this widget tells you what ClassicPress version you are running, as well as the current theme that you have activated on your site.

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This widget shows the upcoming scheduled posts, recently published posts, and the most recent comments on your posts.
Each comment that is listed has a link to the related post title – clicking this link allows you to edit the post. Hovering the mouse over each comment activates a menu of choices: to approve (or unapprove) the comment, edit the comment, reply to the comment, mark the comment as spam, or delete the comment.

QuickDraftLink to this section

The QuickDraft widget allows you to quickly and easily write a new draft. Enter a post title, upload/insert media, enter the post content, add tags, and click the Publish button or click the Save Draft button.

ClassicPress NewsLink to this section

This dashboard widget lists the latest news and articles from the ClassicPress blog.

ClassicPress PetitionsLink to this section

The development of ClassicPress is led via a petition process. If a petition gets accepted by the community, there’s a very good chance it will find its way into ClassicPress. The ClassicPress Petitions widget shows the latest developments in this process. You can view the Trending, Most Wanted and Recent petitions, and at the top is a link to the petitions area on the forum if you would like to contribute.

WelcomeLink to this section

The Welcome widget shows a welcome message and a link to the About ClassicPress page.

Screen OptionsLink to this section

The Screen Options panel allows you to choose which widgets are displayed or not displayed.
When you click on the Screen Options tab, the resulting panel shows the various dashboard widgets, with a checkbox next to each widget. Check the box to display a specific widget, or uncheck the box to hide that widget.
Click the Screen Options tab again to close the Screen Options panel.

Expanding, Collapsing, and Rearranging WidgetsLink to this section

Each widget can be expanded or contracted by clicking on the widget title bar.
Widgets can be moved by hovering the mouse cursor over the widget title bar. When the mouse cursor changes to four arrows, hold the left mouse button down, drag the widget to where you want to place it, and then release the mouse button (this cursor motion is called drag and drop).

Adding new Dashboard WidgetsLink to this section

Plugin or theme developers can make new dashboard widgets available through plugin code or by using snippets in functions.php.