Plugin Directory Review Process

All plugins submitted to the ClassicPress Plugin Directory will be reviewed by the Plugin Review Team. The basic process used for reviews is outlined below:

  • Verify the plugin name and subject matter are acceptable.
  • Verify the presence of a GitHub release and download the release or source code zip OR a WordPress SVN Repository link.
  • Make sure the readme does not contain spam, bad links or else unacceptable content – if a readme is present. Check plugin header for required information (e.g. licence and plugin name.)
  • Check if a changelog.txt or file is available. If not, recommend adding one. This is especially important for Plugins stored on Github.
  • Run plugin through CPCS to check for major issues (tabbing, indenting, naming conventions, code formatting and other minor issues will be ignored).
  • Run plugin through to check for potential issues.
  • Check plugin for Plugin Directory Guidelines violations.
  • Detail and issues found and email developer from [email protected].
  • If no issues are found, approve plugin and email to the developer inviting them to create a post in the Plugin Forum at the CP Forums.
  • Once approved the plugin has to be mirrored in the repository here. This is solely used as a backup and development resource.
  • Each time ClassicPress updates a minor or major version (not a bug fix version), an email should be sent to the Plugin Developers reminding them to test their plugin with the latest ClassicPress Version two weeks ahead of release. If within a month from the email sent date the version is not updated, the plugin should be delisted and the Developer notified.

The review process will be quicker and smoother if you are familiar with the Plugin Directory Submission Guidelines in addition to the Plugin Directory Guidelines.


If you are not happy with the review process, you can request an escalation to the Directors by sending an email to [email protected] with a detailed reason for the escalation.

Avoidance of conflict of interest

If a plugin moderator is also a plugin developer, they will recuse themselves from reviewing any plugin with which they have involvement. This includes, but is not limited to, developer or contributor roles.