Plugin Directory Review Process

All plugins submitted to the ClassicPress Plugin Directory will be reviewed by the Plugin Review Team. The basic process used for reviews is outlined below:

  • Verify the plugin name and subject matter are acceptable.
  • Verify the presence of a GitHub release and download the release or source code zip (a release zip is recommended, but not required).
  • Check the readme and plugin header for required information (e.g. licence/tags/etc.)
  • Make sure the readme is clear and contains no contradictory information.
  • Run plugin through wpcs to check for major issues (tabbing, indenting and other minor issues will be ignored).
  • Run plugin through to check for issues.
  • Upload plugin to a test environment with define(‘WP_DEBUG’, true); and activate; check for any errors on front and back ends.
  • Check plugin for Plugin Directory Guidelines violations.
  • Detail and issues found and email developer from [email protected].
  • If no issues are found, approve plugin.

The review process will be quicker and smoother if you are familiar with the Plugin Directory Submission Guidelines in addition to the Plugin Directory Guidelines.