ClassicPress Documentation

Testing ClassicPress Scenarios

Welcome to the testing program. We currently have two main ways to start testing ClassicPress:

  1. Installing ClassicPress on a current WordPress site
  2. Installing ClassicPress on a new site.

See the Installing ClassicPress page for detailed instructions.

Testing ScenariosLink to this section

Once ClassicPress is installed, we have a suggested list of testing scenarios. You are also welcome to come up with your own!

User ProfilesLink to this section

  • Log in
  • Create a new user with a specific role. Do this for a subscriber role and for an admin role.
  • Check the user privileges match the role (e.g: use a subscriber user to see if it’s possible to activate a plugin).

Page/Post ContentLink to this section

  • Create a new Page and add some content ( Title, Content )
  • Save it and preview the page to see if the content and title match the one entered above.
  • Delete the page.

PluginsLink to this section

  • Add a new plugin from the plugin repository.
  • Activate it and check that the plugin is active.
  • Check if the plugin is working ( if possible ).
  • Deactivate and delete the plugin.

ThemesLink to this section

  • Add a new theme from the theme repository.
  • Activate it and check that the theme is active.
  • Check if the theme is working, go to Appearance -> Customize and do some settings adjustments.
  • Check if the adjustments are reflected in the frontend.
  • Switch to another theme and delete the previous theme.

Any bugs that are found can be reported on the GitHub project pages.

You can report bugs in ClassicPress itself on the ClassicPress GitHub repository.

You can report bugs related to the ClassicPress migration plugin on the GitHub repository for the plugin.

We are happy to help you through the process of reporting a bug as well, just send us a note on Slack or email.

DisclaimerLink to this section

Testing for bugs shouldn’t be done in production sites or any other sites important to you or the organizations you may work for. Always take a backup of your site(s) first!