do_action( 'upgrader_process_complete', WP_Upgrader $this, array $hook_extra )

Fires when the upgrader process is complete.


See also ‘upgrader_package_options’.



(WP_Upgrader) WP_Upgrader instance. In other contexts, $this, might be a Theme_Upgrader, Plugin_Upgrader, Core_Upgrade, or Language_Pack_Upgrader instance.


(array) Array of bulk item update data.

  • 'action'
    (string) Type of action. Default 'update'.
  • 'type'
    (string) Type of update process. Accepts 'plugin', 'theme', 'translation', or 'core'.
  • 'bulk'
    (bool) Whether the update process is a bulk update. Default true.
  • 'plugins'
    (array) Array of the basename paths of the plugins' main files.
  • 'themes'
    (array) The theme slugs.
  • 'translations'
    (array) Array of translations update data.
    • 'language'
      (string) The locale the translation is for.
    • 'type'
      (string) Type of translation. Accepts 'plugin', 'theme', or 'core'.
    • 'slug'
      (string) Text domain the translation is for. The slug of a theme/plugin or 'default' for core translations.
    • 'version'
      (string) The version of a theme, plugin, or core.


File: wp-admin/includes/class-wp-upgrader.php

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Version Description
WP-4.6.0 $translations was added as a possible argument to $hook_extra.
WP-3.7.0 Added to WP_Upgrader::run().
WP-3.6.0 Introduced.