do_action( 'set_auth_cookie', string $auth_cookie, int $expire, int $expiration, int $user_id, string $scheme, string $token )

Fires immediately before the authentication cookie is set.



(string) Authentication cookie.


(int) The time the login grace period expires as a UNIX timestamp. Default is 12 hours past the cookie's expiration time.


(int) The time when the authentication cookie expires as a UNIX timestamp. Default is 14 days from now.


(int) User ID.


(string) Authentication scheme. Values include 'auth', 'secure_auth', or 'logged_in'.


(string) User's session token to use for this cookie.


File: wp-includes/pluggable.php

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Version Description
WP-4.9.0 The $token parameter was added.
WP-2.5.0 Introduced.