apply_filters( 'pre_get_site_by_path', null|bool|WP_Site $site, string $domain, string $path, int|null $segments, array $paths )

Determine a site by its domain and path.


This allows one to short-circuit the default logic, perhaps by replacing it with a routine that is more optimal for your setup.

Return null to avoid the short-circuit. Return false if no site can be found at the requested domain and path. Otherwise, return a site object.



Site value to return by path.


The requested domain.


The requested path, in full.


The suggested number of paths to consult. Default null, meaning the entire path was to be consulted.


The paths to search for, based on $path and $segments.


File: wp-includes/ms-load.php

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Version Description
WP-3.9.0 Introduced.