apply_filters( 'login_image_html', string $html, array $args )

Filters the HTML for the image displayed on the login page.



The proposed login image HTML.


Other relevant arguments (read-only, you must use earlier filters such as 'login_headerurl' to modify these values).

  • 'login_custom_image_state'
    (int) 0 for disabled, 1 for logo style, 2 for banner style.
  • 'login_custom_image_id'
    (int|null) The image ID to use as the custom login image (or null if disabled).
  • 'login_header_url'
    (string) The URL used as a link for the login page.
  • 'login_header_title'
    (string) The title attribute for the login page image.
  • 'login_header_text'
    (string) The screen reader text for the login page image.


File: wp-includes/general-template.php

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Version Description
1.1.0 Introduced.