apply_filters( 'customize_changeset_save_data', array $data, array $context )

Filters the settings’ data that will be persisted into the changeset.


Plugins may amend additional data (such as additional meta for settings) into the changeset with this filter.



(array) Updated changeset data, mapping setting IDs to arrays containing a $value item and optionally other metadata.


(array) Filter context.

  • 'uuid'
    (string) Changeset UUID.
  • 'title'
    (string) Requested title for the changeset post.
  • 'status'
    (string) Requested status for the changeset post.
  • 'date_gmt'
    (string) Requested date for the changeset post in MySQL format and GMT timezone.
  • 'post_id'
    (int|false) Post ID for the changeset, or false if it doesn't exist yet.
  • 'previous_data'
    (array) Previous data contained in the changeset.
  • 'manager'
    (WP_Customize_Manager) Manager instance.


File: wp-includes/class-wp-customize-manager.php

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Version Description
WP-4.7.0 Introduced.