wp_admin_css_color( string $key, string $name, string $url, array $colors = array(), array $icons = array() )

Registers an admin colour scheme css file.


Allows a plugin to register a new admin colour scheme. For example:

wp_admin_css_color( 'classic', __( 'Classic' ), admin_url( "css/colors-classic.css" ), array(
    '#07273E', '#14568A', '#D54E21', '#2683AE'
) );



(string) (Required) The unique key for this theme.


(string) (Required) The name of the theme.


(string) (Required) The URL of the CSS file containing the color scheme.


(array) (Optional) An array of CSS color definition strings which are used to give the user a feel for the theme.

Default value: array()


(array) (Optional) CSS color definitions used to color any SVG icons.

  • 'base'
    (string) SVG icon base color.
  • 'focus'
    (string) SVG icon color on focus.
  • 'current'
    (string) SVG icon color of current admin menu link.

Default value: array()


File: wp-includes/general-template.php

function wp_admin_css_color( $key, $name, $url, $colors = array(), $icons = array() ) {
	global $_wp_admin_css_colors;

	if ( !isset($_wp_admin_css_colors) )
		$_wp_admin_css_colors = array();

	$_wp_admin_css_colors[$key] = (object) array(
		'name' => $name,
		'url' => $url,
		'colors' => $colors,
		'icon_colors' => $icons,


Version Description
WP-2.5.0 Introduced.