has_term( string|int|array $term = '', string $taxonomy = '', int|object $post = null )

Check if the current post has any of given terms.


The given terms are checked against the post’s terms’ term_ids, names and slugs. Terms given as integers will only be checked against the post’s terms’ term_ids. If no terms are given, determines if post has any terms.



(string|int|array) (Optional) The term name/term_id/slug or array of them to check for.

Default value: ''


(string) (Optional) Taxonomy name

Default value: ''


(int|object) (Optional) Post to check instead of the current post.

Default value: null


(bool) True if the current post has any of the given tags (or any tag, if no tag specified).


File: wp-includes/category-template.php

function has_term( $term = '', $taxonomy = '', $post = null ) {
	$post = get_post($post);

	if ( !$post )
		return false;

	$r = is_object_in_term( $post->ID, $taxonomy, $term );
	if ( is_wp_error( $r ) )
		return false;

	return $r;


Version Description
WP-3.1.0 Introduced.