This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.

get_post_type_labels( object|WP_Post_Type $post_type_object )

Builds an object with all post type labels out of a post type object.


Accepted keys of the label array in the post type object:

  • name – General name for the post type, usually plural. The same and overridden by $post_type_object->label. Default is ‘Posts’ / ‘Pages’.
  • singular_name – Name for one object of this post type. Default is ‘Post’ / ‘Page’.
  • add_new – Default is ‘Add New’ for both hierarchical and non-hierarchical types. When internationalizing this string, please use a gettext context matching your post type. Example: _x( 'Add New', 'product', 'textdomain' );.
  • add_new_item – Label for adding a new singular item. Default is ‘Add New Post’ / ‘Add New Page’.
  • edit_item – Label for editing a singular item. Default is ‘Edit Post’ / ‘Edit Page’.
  • new_item – Label for the new item page title. Default is ‘New Post’ / ‘New Page’.
  • view_item – Label for viewing a singular item. Default is ‘View Post’ / ‘View Page’.
  • view_items – Label for viewing post type archives. Default is ‘View Posts’ / ‘View Pages’.
  • search_items – Label for searching plural items. Default is ‘Search Posts’ / ‘Search Pages’.
  • not_found – Label used when no items are found. Default is ‘No posts found’ / ‘No pages found’.
  • not_found_in_trash – Label used when no items are in the trash. Default is ‘No posts found in Trash’ / ‘No pages found in Trash’.
  • parent_item_colon – Label used to prefix parents of hierarchical items. Not used on non-hierarchical post types. Default is ‘Parent Page:’.
  • all_items – Label to signify all items in a submenu link. Default is ‘All Posts’ / ‘All Pages’.
  • archives – Label for archives in nav menus. Default is ‘Post Archives’ / ‘Page Archives’.
  • attributes – Label for the attributes meta box. Default is ‘Post Attributes’ / ‘Page Attributes’.
  • insert_into_item – Label for the media frame button. Default is ‘Insert into post’ / ‘Insert into page’.
  • uploaded_to_this_item – Label for the media frame filter. Default is ‘Uploaded to this post’ / ‘Uploaded to this page’.
  • featured_image – Label for the Featured Image meta box title. Default is ‘Featured Image’.
  • set_featured_image – Label for setting the featured image. Default is ‘Set featured image’.
  • remove_featured_image – Label for removing the featured image. Default is ‘Remove featured image’.
  • use_featured_image – Label in the media frame for using a featured image. Default is ‘Use as featured image’.
  • menu_name – Label for the menu name. Default is the same as name.
  • filter_items_list – Label for the table views hidden heading. Default is ‘Filter posts list’ / ‘Filter pages list’.
  • items_list_navigation – Label for the table pagination hidden heading. Default is ‘Posts list navigation’ / ‘Pages list navigation’.
  • items_list – Label for the table hidden heading. Default is ‘Posts list’ / ‘Pages list’.

Above, the first default value is for non-hierarchical post types (like posts) and the second one is for hierarchical post types (like pages).

Note: To set labels used in post type admin notices, see the ‘post_updated_messages’ filter.



(object|WP_Post_Type) (Required) Post type object.


(object) Object with all the labels as member variables.


File: wp-includes/post.php

function get_post_type_labels( $post_type_object ) {
	$nohier_vs_hier_defaults = array(
		'name' => array( _x('Posts', 'post type general name'), _x('Pages', 'post type general name') ),
		'singular_name' => array( _x('Post', 'post type singular name'), _x('Page', 'post type singular name') ),
		'add_new' => array( _x('Add New', 'post'), _x('Add New', 'page') ),
		'add_new_item' => array( __('Add New Post'), __('Add New Page') ),
		'edit_item' => array( __('Edit Post'), __('Edit Page') ),
		'new_item' => array( __('New Post'), __('New Page') ),
		'view_item' => array( __('View Post'), __('View Page') ),
		'view_items' => array( __('View Posts'), __('View Pages') ),
		'search_items' => array( __('Search Posts'), __('Search Pages') ),
		'not_found' => array( __('No posts found.'), __('No pages found.') ),
		'not_found_in_trash' => array( __('No posts found in Trash.'), __('No pages found in Trash.') ),
		'parent_item_colon' => array( null, __('Parent Page:') ),
		'all_items' => array( __( 'All Posts' ), __( 'All Pages' ) ),
		'archives' => array( __( 'Post Archives' ), __( 'Page Archives' ) ),
		'attributes' => array( __( 'Post Attributes' ), __( 'Page Attributes' ) ),
		'insert_into_item' => array( __( 'Insert into post' ), __( 'Insert into page' ) ),
		'uploaded_to_this_item' => array( __( 'Uploaded to this post' ), __( 'Uploaded to this page' ) ),
		'featured_image' => array( _x( 'Featured Image', 'post' ), _x( 'Featured Image', 'page' ) ),
		'set_featured_image' => array( _x( 'Set featured image', 'post' ), _x( 'Set featured image', 'page' ) ),
		'remove_featured_image' => array( _x( 'Remove featured image', 'post' ), _x( 'Remove featured image', 'page' ) ),
		'use_featured_image' => array( _x( 'Use as featured image', 'post' ), _x( 'Use as featured image', 'page' ) ),
		'filter_items_list' => array( __( 'Filter posts list' ), __( 'Filter pages list' ) ),
		'items_list_navigation' => array( __( 'Posts list navigation' ), __( 'Pages list navigation' ) ),
		'items_list' => array( __( 'Posts list' ), __( 'Pages list' ) ),
	$nohier_vs_hier_defaults['menu_name'] = $nohier_vs_hier_defaults['name'];

	$labels = _get_custom_object_labels( $post_type_object, $nohier_vs_hier_defaults );

	$post_type = $post_type_object->name;

	$default_labels = clone $labels;

	 * Filters the labels of a specific post type.
	 * The dynamic portion of the hook name, `$post_type`, refers to
	 * the post type slug.
	 * @since WP-3.5.0
	 * @see get_post_type_labels() for the full list of labels.
	 * @param object $labels Object with labels for the post type as member variables.
	$labels = apply_filters( "post_type_labels_{$post_type}", $labels );

	// Ensure that the filtered labels contain all required default values.
	$labels = (object) array_merge( (array) $default_labels, (array) $labels );

	return $labels;


Version Description
WP-4.7.0 Added the view_items and attributes labels.
WP-4.6.0 Converted the $post_type parameter to accept a WP_Post_Type object.
WP-4.4.0 Added the archives, insert_into_item, uploaded_to_this_item, filter_items_list, items_list_navigation, and items_list labels.
WP-4.3.0 Added the featured_image, set_featured_image, remove_featured_image, and use_featured_image labels.
WP-3.0.0 Introduced.