This function’s access is marked private. This means it is not intended for use by plugin or theme developers, only in other core functions. It is listed here for completeness.


Test if the current device has the capability to upload files.


(bool) Whether the device is able to upload files.


File: wp-includes/functions.php

function _device_can_upload() {
	if ( ! wp_is_mobile() )
		return true;


	if ( strpos($ua, 'iPhone') !== false
		|| strpos($ua, 'iPad') !== false
		|| strpos($ua, 'iPod') !== false ) {
			return preg_match( '#OS ([\d_]+) like Mac OS X#', $ua, $version ) && version_compare( $version[1], '6', '>=' );

	return true;


Version Description
WP-3.4.0 Introduced.