MO::make_entry( string $original, string $translation )

Build a Translation_Entry from original string and translation strings, found in a MO file



(string) (Required) original string to translate from MO file. Might contain 0x04 as context separator or 0x00 as singular/plural separator


(string) (Required) translation string from MO file. Might contain 0x00 as a plural translations separator


File: wp-includes/pomo/mo.php

	function &make_entry($original, $translation) {
		$entry = new Translation_Entry();
		// look for context
		$parts = explode(chr(4), $original);
		if (isset($parts[1])) {
			$original = $parts[1];
			$entry->context = $parts[0];
		// look for plural original
		$parts = explode(chr(0), $original);
		$entry->singular = $parts[0];
		if (isset($parts[1])) {
			$entry->is_plural = true;
			$entry->plural = $parts[1];
		// plural translations are also separated by \0
		$entry->translations = explode(chr(0), $translation);
		return $entry;