ClassicPress Documentation

FAQ and Support

Will my current plugins and themes work in ClassicPress?Link to this section

If your current plugins and themes work in WordPress 4.9.x, they will work in ClassicPress too.  If you’re seeing something otherwise, that’s probably a bug with ClassicPress, and we’d appreciate you reporting it on Slack, the support forums, or GitHub.

I’m a developer, will I need to learn any new language or framework to develop in ClassicPress?Link to this section

Not unless you want to!  We have some exciting features planned for version 2 and beyond, but they will all be optional and fully backwards-compatible.

I need help with something else, what should I do?Link to this section

If you have an issue with ClassicPress that you’d like some help resolving, go to our support forum and make a new topic.  Be sure to search existing posts first to make sure your question hasn’t already been answered.

If you just have a question or want to chat with us about something, you can join our Slack group.

Please remember that like all of ClassicPress, our support is a volunteer effort by the community.  If you are able to help answer support questions in the forum, that is also more than welcome!